Business and Technical Engineering

in the data revolution of

an entrepreneurial verses corporate business world

In the struggle against the type-writer-generation, as businesses pivot, survive or die; who will win and shape the future?

post brexit: where will the UK be – in five / ten+ years

Do we desire to be heading out into the solar system on the back of Reaction Engines? to mine precious commodities and rare minerals, to increase our chances of survival for the human race?

Or do we look inward and struggle with the balance and impact of new technology on the countries economy; will technology provide a hands up – or will it become a handicap to the average Joe Citizen?

Click me - Skylon and SabreNew Jobs,  Businesses, new markets? or less?

Is the country motivated, sufficiently educated and adequately financed to take advantage?Click me - its a British 19,000mph space plane set to transform high-speed aviationIs a wholesale economy a realistic future for a sea locked economy? Or will the UK government provide the right financial incentives to help kick-start British engineering and education through a reaction engines gateway into the next industrial revolution?Falcon 9 landing on drone-ship, 14 January 2017

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